JCK Show, Las Vegas

Top left: Renata Abrahami from ABC Gems with clients and Lupe Ramirez and Daniel Abrahami standing to the right. Top center: Hemant Phophaliya of AG Color holding a Tanzanite for sale at his booth. Bottom left: Ashu Malpani (left) visits Kalim Koray and Caroline Chartouni from Caroline C/World Trading Services. Bottom center: Erica Courtney at her Luxury Pavilion booth. Right: Bruce Bridges, ICA Secretary, at the Bridges Tsavorite booth talking with Hiren Patel of Spark Jewel NYC.

Left: Benjamin Hackman, current President of the ICA (right) and Eli Eliezri, ICA past president in front of the ICA booth. Top center: Gemolithos booth at the Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, behind the counter left to right, Ioannis Alexandris, Maria Alexandris and Sandy Kaiser show pieces to Fatima Sewani. Bottom center: Jurassic Jewelry booth at the Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, Richard Li (right) and his son Damon Li showing their recent books. Top right: Keith Barron (left) and ICA Director Warren Boyd next to Bruce Bridges, ICA Secretary, at his booth. Bottom right: Jeffrey Bilgore, ICA Advisor and President of the AGTA, in front of his booth.

Top left: Holly Kane (left) and Kellie James at the Kaiser Gems booth. Bottom left: Russia-based Mousson Atelier with Maria Krasnova and Alexander Sokolov. Center: Dirk Bakker with clients at Rare Source booth. Top right: Philip Zahm Designs booth with Philip Zahm (right) holding a recently published book and Mark Davis and Sorrel Zahm. Bottom right: Sailesh Lakhi (left) of Sparkles and Colors talking with Dean Brinker and Abby Scheller of Brinker's Jewelers.

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