InColor Fall/Winter 2018 (Issue 37)

54 InColor ׀ Winter 2018 InRuby Greenland Ruby – The Gem That Came in from the Cold On 11 May 2017, Greenland Ruby A/S announced that it had started production at its ruby mine site in Aappaluttoq, in the southwest region of Greenland. To learn more about this project and the company’s plans to market the beautiful red gems, InColor talked with Hayley A. Henning, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at her office in New York City. Interview conducted by Cynthia Unninayar InColor: Could you give us an overview of rubies in Greenland? Hayley A. Henning: Ruby-bearing rock in the Aapplauttoq region in southwest Greenland has been known by locals for centuries, but was officially registered by the GEUS (Geological Survey of Den- mark and Greenland) in 1966. The following years saw a number of prospectors exploring the deposits in this part of the country, with the main deposit located near Aappaluttoq—which means red in Greenlandic. It is located in a mountainous terrain surrounded by fjords, about 150 miles south of Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. The Aappaluttoq occurrence is believed to be the oldest corun- dum deposit in the world and produces gem-quality ruby and pink sapphire. The ruby and pink sapphire from Aappaluttoq include gem quality stones. The colors are excellent, with deep, beautiful, saturated reds for the rubies, while running to the lighter shades of icy pink for the sapphires and can be compared with that of mate- rial from other parts of the world. I might add that we have allied with a team of leading international gemstone mining experts, who are very impressed with this deposit. IC: What is Greenland Ruby A/S, the mining company that recently announced the start of production at Aappaluttoq? HAH: Greenland Ruby A/S is a sister company of LNS Green- land A/S, which is the mine operator. Both companies are part of the LNS Group, a family-owned Norwegian enterprise that han- dles mining contracts, road projects, bridges and tunnels in Arctic Hayley A. Henning holds a sample of rough Greenland ruby. (Photo: Vincent Pardieu)