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Inspired by the abundance and beauty of the earth's most natural treasure, Pamella Regan-Fox established GoGoanna in 1989. We are merchants of coloured gemstones, pearls and devote our life to trading in over 20 countries with the view of locating truly exceptional and unusual pieces. In Australia we also travel extensively to source the best opals, coloured diamonds, parti-coloured sapphires, chrysoprase and pearls, which we showcase on our international travels. GoGoanna's gems, from alexandrite to zircon, are eagerly sought by leading international jewellery artists and designers who are looking for that extraordinary stone with an unusual cut and colour. Among our elite clients are presidents, politicians, sultans, royalties, music moguls, film stars and sports celebrities. We pride ourselves in our collection of connossieur collector stones. GoGoanna's main strength is its passion for the industry. "Working in gemmology presents an opportunity to discover that special stone whether it be the lustrous creation of the humble oyster or the fierce beauty of gemstones produced by volcanoes."

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