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Or in all these different shapes, from brilliant to trilliant

In addition to these standard gemstone shapes, gem designers are inventing new ways of cutting gemstones in unique individual styles. Some facet gems in unusual geometrical shapes, some carve gemstones in soft sculptural shapes, and some use a combination of faceting and carving. In the future, Gem Site will feature some of this gemstone art.

Round Shape Oval Shape Emerald Cut(Rectangular Step-Cut) Cushion Cut(Antique Cushion) Square Cut

Round Brilliant 


 Emerald Cut 

Cushion Cut 

 Square Cut

 Princess Cut  Cabochon  Pear Cut  Marquise(Navette)  Trilliant Cut

 Princess Cut


Pear Shape 


Trilliant Cut 

 Heart Shape  Buff Top(cabochon top and faceted bottom)  Opposed Bar  Radiant Cut  Beads

 Heart Shape

 Buff Top

 Opposed Bar

 Radiant Cut



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