Entrance fees include first year’s annual dues of $ 600 + $ 500 initiation fee.
Any person principally engaged in mining, cutting, or wholesale distribution of natural colored gemstones for at least two years shall be eligible for regular membership. Applicants are required to have three sponsors, at least two of whom are members of ICA.

Entrance fees include first year’s annual dues of $ 600 + $ 500 initiation fee.
This Category, which carries no voting rights, includes retailers, geologists, gemologists, journalists, representatives of national associations, government agencies, educational institutions and museums; also companies that provide support services to ICA: shipping, insurance.

Persons under the age of 30 as of 31 December who qualify as regular members or associate members may apply for membership in this class. The normal entrance fee is waived, and dues are half that of the other two membership classes. Persons applying for junior membership status shall designate whether they wish to be Junior Regular or Junior Associate Members. The year the junior member attains the age of 30, the dues requirements revert to those of the other membership classes. (Entrance fees include half first year’s annual dues of $ 300).

Entrance fees include annual dues of US$ 3,000, waiving initiation fee.
The Corporate Account divides into 2 categories, which depends on the company’s nature and can appoint 3 representatives. Applicants can have one voting right under the Regular Member category.

At least two (2) must be ICA members in good standing.


I, the undersigned, declare the above statements are true and in the event my application for membership is accepted by the International Colored Gemstone Association, I agree to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, Code of Ethics and Rules laid down by the association.

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