Gemstone Buying Guide by Renee Newman GG

An illustrated reference on colored gem evaluation and identification. The first half of the book discusses value factors, faceting styles, treatments, synthetic stones,  imitations and deceptive practices. The last half describes over 100 gem varieties, lists identification data, and briefly summarizes the history, lore and geographic sources of the different gems.

Tips on Judging Colored Gems
A full-color guide to colored gems with information on quality evaluation, price comparison, gem identification, cutting styles, treatments, fake stones, optical effects, gem care and geographic sources. Many of the gems are shown mounted in striking designer jewelry.  Written for consumers and professionals, the Gemstone Buying Guide is a practical, well-illustrated resource for buying, identifying and caring for colored gems. If you want to become a savvy buyer and learn how to select colored gemstones, then you’ll find the Gemstone Buying Guide a fascinating and valuable resource.

281 color photos / 156 pages / paperback
$19.95 / ISBN 0-929975-34-0 / 7" x  9" (18 x 23 cm)
International Jewelry Publications

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