Pearl Buying Guide 5th Edition by Renee Newman GG

A comprehensive guide to evaluating, identifying, selecting and caring for pearls and pearl jewelry. Offers information and color photos on Akoya, South Sea, freshwater, black, abalone, conch, clam, scallop, natural and imitation pearls, treatments, pearl clasps, and necklace styles. This 5th edition has 207 new photos, expanded chapters and a brief new chapter on antique pearl jewelry.

PEARLS OF WISDOM on how to evaluate pearls, spot fakes and detect dyed pearls. Included in this full-color guide are tips on pearl care, clasps, and creative ways to wear pearls. All types of pearls are discussed–akoya, black, South Sea, freshwater, abalone, mabe, blister, keshi, conch, natural, imitation, cultured. Initially published in 1992, the Pearl Buying Guide was the first book to give consumers details on judging pearl quality and value. The 207 new color photos in this updated 5th edition show new types of pearls, clasps and jewelry styles. Current information has been provided on natural pearls, treatments, cultivation and identification techniques, and a brief chapter on antique pearl jewelry has been added. Written for both consumers and professionals, the Pearl Buying Guide gives step-by-step visual pointers on how to select flattering pearls that will give you maximum enjoyment.
If you’re looking for an easy-to-read, illustrated pearl buying guide, it’s still the best choice available.
by Renée Newman

ISBN 978-0-929975-44-3 / 6" x 9" (16.8 x 23 cm) / 154 pages
International Jewelry Publications  / $19.95 / Paperback
5th Edition available June 2010

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