Diamond Handbook 2nd Edition by Renee Newman GG

Using close-up photos, it expands on the information in the Diamond Ring Buying Guide and covers additional topics such as diamond grading certificates, light performance, fancy colored diamonds, new cut grading systems, branded diamonds, diamond recutting, antique diamonds & jewelry, and diamond fluorescence. The Diamond Handbook is geared to trade professionals, serious diamond buyers, gemology students and people who want more information than what's on the Internet and in the Diamond Ring Buying Guide.

Packed with close-up photos, this new full-color guide shows you how to judge diamonds on the basis of how they look, rather than just on how they're graded. The Diamond Handbook is a comprehensive guide to evaluating and identifying diamonds, which is aimed at trade professionals, gemology students, serious diamond buyers, and people who want more diamond evaluation information than they can get on the Internet. Besides providing in-depth information on diamond grading, it compares the new cut grading systems and diamond light performance reports of various gem laboratories. It also discusses and illustrates new diamond treatments and lab-grown diamonds. An entire chapter is devoted to the recutting of diamonds, and another chapter covers the history of diamond cuts and illustrates antique and estate diamond jewelry styles. The first chapter gives a brief overview of diamond formation, sources, diamond properties, lighting and diamond examination techniques. Chapters on fancy-colored diamonds, fluorescence, branded diamonds and diamond grading reports are also included.

Diamond Handbook: A Practical Guide to Diamond Evaluation, 2nd Edition
by Renée Newman
Publisher: International Jewelry Publications
$19.95, trade paperback, 186 pages, ISBN 978-0-929975-39-9
207 color photos, 113 b/w photos, glossary, index, 6" x 9"

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